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Window Cleaning

Residential and commercial customers alike say Ayers Window Cleaning is their only choice when it comes to keeping their windows look their absolute best.  

We offer excellent work, reasonable prices, trained and professional staff and 100% customer satisfaction!  Repeat business is earned, and our number one goal is to deserve your loyalty and business.

Residential Window Cleaning

Before Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning even opened its’ company doors, we had to develop a business philosophy a to how we wanted our company to perform.   Many companies only care about making money.  They don’t hold the same objectives that we hold at Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning.  We care about our reputation and take pride in our workmanship.  We especially care about what our customer think and say about us.  We know that a happy customer will spread the word about their experience using our services.  Because of this philosophy, we provide the best residential window cleaning in Tidewater.

Our experienced professionals have the right skills to make sure your home’s windows stay looking like new - you might even forget there's glass there at all! Unlike many common do-it-yourself window cleaning techniques, we use a squeegee method to actually remove the grime from your window, and use super-concentrated cleaning formulas and special cleaning solutions and equipment to remove stubborn stains and spots.

Cleaning your home’s windows is not as simple as spraying Windex and grabbing some paper towels.  It is about making your home look its absolute best!  You can truly make your home shine and sparkle for the whole neighborhood to notice.  This reflects well on you and on our company.

Here’s what our professional will do for your home using our 6 step window cleaning process:

1.     Remove and clean screens using a soft bristle brush and cleaning solution.

2.     Outside: We will use our specially formulated cleaning solution, soft cleaning cloths and squeegees to wash your windows until they truly shine.  If you have stubborn paint stains, sap or bugs stuck on your window, we will use a special scrubber to address the problem areas before we clean your window.  When we are done, we do it again just for good measure and then we squeegee remaining water on the glass before drying it with a soft towel.

3.     Inside: We remove our shoes when entering your home.  If you have not already done so, we will move furniture and other items to gain access to your interior windows.  Our interior cleaning process is essentially the same as our exterior process.  Once your windows are spotless, our professional technician will meticulously clean your window tracks and sills.  We will then resituate any furniture or other household items that were moved to begin our cleaning process.

4.     We will return outside your home to replace your now clean and dry screens.

5.     Our trained technician will ask you if you are satisfied before leaving.  If for any reason you are not, he will do whatever steps necessary to make certain that you, our valued customer, are pleased and happy with the results before leaving your home.

6.     Our last step happens after our technician has left your home.  Within 24 hours of the completion of our work, the owner of the company or someone on our quality assurance staff will call you to ask about your experience with our window cleaning services.  You are our best indicator of how our employee and our company is doing in holding true to our basic philosophy.


Commercial Window Cleaning

Whether your business is on the ground level or is a multiple story building, Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning is the company to call.  Our staff undertakes rigorous training to learn the safest and latest techniques in the field of commercial window cleaning.  Because of this training, no job is too challenging!  Click here to learn more about our commercial cleaning service.

What's the Ayers Window Cleaning System? It's simple: Our company is committed to providing you with a first-class window cleaning job delivered in a professional manner. Our staff will arrive at the designated time, perform their work using their best training and skills, using the right equipment, and do so in a friendly, professional manner.  Remember, customer loyalty and satisfaction is our goal.  


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