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The most important thing to our company is that our customers are satisfied. We have been cleaning in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area for over a decade and are now cleaning in the St, Petersburg, Florida area. Ninety percent of our business is from customer referrals. We are confident that you will be pleased by our quality of work. We really care about each job and want to ensure that it looks its best.  Our work is not complete until you are a hundred percent satisfied.

There are many companies in the Hampton Roads and St. Petersburg area that offer the same services that we do.  What sets us apart from these companies is our dedication to getting the job done in a timely manner, and our keen attention to detail.  When our company was first starting out we had three customers and because of our great reputation and word of mouth we now have thousands.  We could not have achieved this success without our dedication to customer satisfaction.

The majority of our clients are home owners; however, we do clean many commercial buildings.  We take great pleasure in doing our work.  Many of the other companies that offer the same services are just franchises that don’t offer the personal details that we do.  Many of them use your home a training area.   These companies have a high rate of employee turnover and therefore do not take the time to perform background checks on their employees.  This has the potential to create problems for the customer two-fold:  (1) you have no guarantee of the type of person you are letting into your home and (2) by their change-over in employees; you are not given the opportunity to develop a relationship with the technician.  We think it’s important to develop relationships and give you the same cleaner whenever we service your home or business.   Our employees are thoroughly screened and loyal to our company.  We have gained experience to put us above competing cleaning companies.  Again, over 90 percent of our business is from customer’s referrals.  At Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning, we believe that if you do great quality work customers will continue to use your services.

Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning is committed to bringing you first-class services; we wouldn’t be in this line of work if we really didn’t love it.  We not only clean windows but clean all types of glass including mirrors, glass shelves and chandeliers.  We clean gutters and make small gutter repairs.  In addition, we power-wash all types of surfaces and can even remove unsightly stains from your roof.  We guarantee that we will show up on time and our friendly, staff will be professional and considerate of you and your property; that we will perform our job to the best of our ability using our experience and the most know how in the business! We use the best equipment available, and continually learn of new products and techniques to give you the best cleaning imaginable.

 Customer Referrals

The appreciation of customers referring us to friends and family is important to us.  As a token of appreciation every time you refer us to a new customer, we will mail you a certificate good for ten percent off your next cleaning. Call us to learn more about our customer referral program, and how Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning thanks you for your loyalty.


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