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Gutter Cleaning

Ayers Window and Gutter Cleaning is the company to call to ensure that your gutters are flowing freely and rain water is shedding away from your foundation.  Gutters that overflow with water can cause serious property damage to your foundation, roof and interior.  We recommend getting your gutters cleaned at least twice a year.  We make sure that your gutters and roof are free of all debris and that your downspouts are unclogged.  We want to make sure that your yard is as pristine as when we arrive, so we bag up all debris and are careful to protect your flower beds.

The Benefit of Seasonal Gutter Cleaning

At a minimum, we recommend that your gutters be cleaned at least twice a year.  However, it is preferable to have your gutters cleaned 4-6 times per year.  To some, this would seem to be over-kill.  But there is a reason why we recommend this.  That is because fall leaves are not the only debris that can clog your gutters throughout the year.  For example, in early spring or late winter, we clean out the dirt, debris, and branches from the winter months, so that spring showers do not overflow your gutters.  In early summer, your gutters can be filled with various seeds from trees pollinating, which need to be cleared.  Throughout the summer, there are numerous strong thunderstorms with heavy wind that can cause branches and other debris to obstruct your gutters.  And of course, in the autumn months, fallen leaves will most certainly block the water from leaving your downspouts.  If your property has a lot of adjacent trees, you may want to have your downspouts cleared multiple times during the fall.

Gutter Season Pass

Many of our customers have requested to be put on a gutter cleaning schedule.  The Gutter Season Pass is the most convenient way to properly maintain your gutters throughout the course of the year.  This service ensures that your home is protected, and removes the burden of having to schedule subsequent visits.  Customers who enroll in this service can save as much as fifty percent, which saves you both time and money.  Talk to your gutter cleaning specialist to receive a free estimate and determine the best schedule to maintain your gutters.

Gutter Stain Removal Service

Do you have black streaks running down your gutter?  We offer a Gutter Stain Removal Service that will remove those stains and make your gutters look like new again.  Give us a call to get a free estimate.

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